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1994 Mercury Capri no start

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I have a 1994 Mercury Capri that has been sitting out in theweathr for a couple of years a has been started at least once a moth successfully during that time.  This last time it refused to.  It spins over but wont catch.  Ive found that it is not getting fuel to the engine.  The electric fuel pump looked rusty and crusty when I pulled it so I replaced it.  Still no fuel to the engine.  This system does not prime the pump when the key is turned to the on position.  The engine must be spinning in order to actvate a vane/door thru a vacuum to energize the fuel pump relay which in turn energizes the pump in the fuel tank.  This vehicle is based on the MAZDA 323 chassis and 1.6L MPI 4cyl driveline. I believe it was still OBD1 diagnostics in 1994 but my old OBD1 scantool disappeared years ago.  I have a 1994 FSM dor this Capri but I haven't found much I can narrow it down to besides the no fuel delivery issue.  Ive checked the roll over switch in the trunk and it seems to be OK.  It has new sparkplugs and wires. New fuel pump and strainer sock.  New main fuel filter.  New coil.  No blown fuses.  And a full tank of gas.  Thoughts welcome!

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