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Early Valve cages

Rod Wise

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Can anybody help with year of these valve cages  on Ebay.  Oregon Desert has placed the link to the ebay listing in buy/sell.  The rocker arms are on their separate brackets. So would be pre 1916.  Look very similar to these red 1911 rocker brackets but dont have the oiler in the centre. The top cages are larger than the bottom. Would need to know diameters for a better idea. of possible years

valve cage.jpg



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I do know that the 6-Cylinder engines went to a larger intake valve starting with the 1918 models.  I am not for certain if the 4-Cylinder engines did this before the sixes did.  Hopefully someone on here that is familiar with the four's will chime in.  Also the 4-Cylinder models went to the removable head with the 1916 models.  A lot of engineering changes were being made at this point in time.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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