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1909 Buick Model 10 Tourabout Basket Case Facebook Marketplace Garden Grove, CA

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I don't do facebook, for some reason, my computer won't load almost anything from them. So I asked my wife to look on her computer. She found two facebook marketplace listings for this. Two different phone numbers, both "helping a friend". 


Green Car Delivery Inc,  Government office????

11062 Trask Av Garden Grove CA on both ads.


Price (?) on one ad says $999.The other ad says $9,999. One says any offers considered.


714-606-3660 Garden Grove CA

909-927-3614 Hemet Ca

Some funky stuff connected to the ad! A "cannabis" license? A Department of Prisons logo?


Listing person's name appears to be Vietnamese.


I hope someone can save this wreck and restore it, however----


Proceed with extreme caution.

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 In the one photo there appears to be the/an engine with the flywheel facing out in it's side.

 It always hurts to see these type of cars out moldering in the elements in this day and age.

 The model 10 has always been my favorite of the Brass Buicks. It looks like something someone started on, stopped and shoved it outside.

Here is a 1910 Model 10 (advertised as a 1908) that I went to bid on. I found out that mostly they shoveled parts together for the sale. It looks pretty nice from my photos. But many Phillips screws and fresh hardware store bolts. DSCF6663.thumb.JPG.f9b685a7724e5c466857ffdad1980545.JPG

Then there is this 1910 Model 10 Runabout we offered on about 6 years ago.


Note .. 1911 Radiator and later non-tubular axle.

The owner had since passed and the son who can not drive is reluctant to sell. As he said to me he is afraid someone will "Hot Rod" it!

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