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WTB brake light switch for 1954 Chrysler

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22 hours ago, The 55er said:

I'd try my local NAPA store first, this is from a NAPA Echlin catalog.


Napa Online shows this as available for $17.99.


2 hours ago, mobileparts said:

Maaaaaaay not be such an easy go to an auto parts store item anymore... They will NOT have it in stock... And may not be able to order in the 100 % correct one.......


When you get done fiddle--bleepin' around with them you can call me --- 516 - 485 - 1935....... Craig.....


Still worth a try calling your local store. The slightly different hydraulic stop light switch for my '33 Plymouth was in stock at my local better auto supply store last time I needed one a couple of years ago. And, given a choice, I like to give any business I can to my local stores.

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