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Alberta pre-war cars that have survived

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Gee, Alberta, you wouldn’t think it would take a British Columbian to start your own forum thread! I have a selfish reason: my second old car is a 1915 Dodge touring that was apparently lying around in a field outside Calgary. It was brought to Vancouver Island and patiently restored. Pictures and story later. Go ahead, Albertans, tell your stories! And by the way, you onlooker-easterners, how about starting a thread like this for each and every province and territory?



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This is an Alberta car, but it has been in B.C. for over 100 years, so I'm going to count it as a B.C. car as well.  It is a 1905 Orient Buckboard "Country Doctor" model.  $400 and 4 hp.  It was originally purchased by an Anglican minister named William Hinchy.  Hinchy lived in Nanton, Alberta, but in 1918 he moved to Galena Bay in Southeastern B.C. and the car is still in the area.  It came on our 2008 Fernie to Victoria tour (trailered from stop to stop) and I got a ride in it.  A lot of thrill for 4 hp.  And a chick magnet, too!





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