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Manual Fluid Extractor

Retired w/Reatta

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I always thought it was a right-of-passage for one to have hot oil pour all over your hand when you unscrewed the oil pan drain bolt when changing oil.🤪 I've gotten it down to where I have the bolt completely unscrewed but still pushed against the hole, and then pulling away quickly as the hot oil pours (hopefully) into the well-paced collector pan.  What invariably happens is when I pull my hand with the bolt away quickly, I manage to bash the back of my hand against some unwielding metal part.  So now I'm dealing with blood and oil.  

After innumerable oil changes I'd like something different.  Don't get me wrong.  I still love doing oil changes (it's a bonding experience, you know).  I have to drive the Reatta up on ramps to get to the filter anyway but I thought if I pumped most of the hot oil out first I could spare some burns.

I've been considering buying one of these for a while now.  

This one seems to stand out from the others:

OEM Tools # 24389, 1.45 gal, ~$60.

Has anyone had any experience with these machines?🤔






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I just accept the anointment particularly when have spin-on filters of many sizes and the Purolator BOSS for a PF24 is much smaller in diameter. Fortunately my drive slopes so when a car is on ramps, it is level. I also have a number of metal drip trays.


Just had a filter that fought me nearly to the point of shoving a pointy thing through it. Have at least six different "spin on" caps, two lever-strap devices, and an 18" pointy thing.


Is just another way (are many) my Caddy CTS DD shows its Germanic (Opel Catera) roots. It has a spin-on oil filter you reach from the top.

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On 10/12/2020 at 9:03 PM, 2seater said:

It is a sloppy job for sure so I install Fumoto valves in place of the plug. Draining the oil hot is a snap. Now if something could be done about the filter?

I installed a Fumoto valve in the oil pan drain plug in the blue coupe.  No more hot oil on me or the floor.  Or at least not much.  Thanks 2seater.😊

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