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48 v12 Lin Distributor Part:?

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It is easier to do when the inside guts are out of the housing. Remove the vacuum brake (the large nut on the side of the distributor) and the timing screw at the base of the housing. Then you can try to push the  point plate and cam shaft out the bottom of the housing.


If it won't push  out, set the housing on a vise with the jaws open enough to allow the guts to come out and still support the housing. Take a brass rod and place it on the inner casting through the cap opening. Tap on the brass rod with a light hammer and then move to the other cap opening and repeat the operation. Alternate until the inner casting is out.


When you have it out, make sure that the point plate is in place and then place one end of the snap ring in the opening for the timing screw and guide the ring into the groove in the casting while compressing it to fit in the groove and the other end will end up in the same opening as the first.

To assemble the housing, carefully line up the locating pin wit the slot in the housing and hand press the casting into the housing while guiding the shaft into the front bushing. assemble the vacuum brake and timing screw.

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Read this topic and pay particular attention to Beltfed's post about how far off the points were using Jake's tip on setting points. To my way of thinking 3 degrees on initial timing is quite a bit. 2 degrees off on the synchronization will also affect performance.




I recommend that you send the distributor to someone that has the distributor machine and an experienced operator to check out the distributor. This will ensure that your initial timing, synchronization, advance mechanism and bushings are all good. Many times a distributor sits for long periods with the vacuum brake sitting in one spot. This can lead to rust on the flywheel. Rust on the flywheel causes the vacuum brake to vibrate violently, which affects timing.

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