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Judges Registration " Special Gettysburg National" Nov 7th

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Is there a need for judges for the Special National in Gettysburg, Nov 7th.  The online registration has not open yet,  Oct 12,  i still get error message.


Or "Have Sufficient Hershey Judges transferring over to the Special Meet."  


Any updates appreciated.


If you have not  visited the Eastern race car Museum near Gettysburg, included in your plans,  its great!  This past August was my second trip. I had volunteer lead me around and he explain the history of Midget Race cars to me one car at a time. A wonderful 2 hours.

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Hello Joe.  If you haven't already done so, contact Stan Kulikowski, Chief Judge for the Special Fall Nationals, and confirm you intend to judge (or to register to judge).


And I agree about the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in York Springs, PA--it's great!  Marion & I went there in July 2018 while attending the Eastern Spring Nationals in Gettysburg.


Best wishes.  See you in Gettysburg.

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Mark,  thanks.


I wrote Stan as you suggested and we all sorted for me to Judge on Saturday.   I may visit the Eastern Museum again, I,d like to check the old motorcycles and dragster vehicles  out in more detail.  Also there a miniature battlefield reenactment in downtown, for $6 fee for senior, a 30 minute show with over 20,000 little soldiers.  Parking in the rear off a side street, and there a rear entrance from the parking lot, other than the show it a souvenir shop.


The Eisenhower farm is not to far outside Gettysburg too,  if you look in the garage window there is  a Chrysler presidential Limo. 





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I've been to the Eisenhower farm--it has interesting history and definitely worth visiting.  Anyone that visits should take one of the guided tours--you'll learn a lot more about the farm and Ike & Mamie's life & times there.  The furnishings & decorations in the house are definitely 1950's vintage & style.  (I think almost all of the furnishings are original.)  Check out the Crosley refrigerator in the kitchen.


I've been to several of the museums and shops in Gettysburg.  The Gettysburg diorama display Joe Block mentions is impressive.  (I wonder how long it took to build and then position all the figurines, cannons, buildings, trees, etc. (not to mention molding & painting the 20,000 figurines).


Obviously, Gettysburg is an important piece of our country's history and the battlefield is a somber & moving place--almost overwhelming.  Gettysburg is also a nice small town to visit with interesting shops and a number of good restaurants.  I definitely recommend that if anyone attending the Special Fall Nationals has not been to Gettysburg before, build in some time to visit the battlefield and explore the town.  (You need to drive around the battlefield or take a bus tour, but you can easy explore the town on foot.)

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