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Car inspection in St. Louis


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I'm going to buy a classic car in St. Louis area; the car seems fine, and seller too, but before transfering money on the other side of the Ocean, I'd like to check if it's not scam. Just somebody to meet with seller and see if the car actually exists. I suppose that there are some companies which specialize in it, but in fact - I don't even know where to start looking for. Any clues?



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There are several antique-car dealers in

St. Louis, Missouri, though I don't know them.

Maybe one of their employees would provide

the service you seek.


And someone here on this forum may live

close enough to help you, too.  As you may

know, there are plenty of friendly hobbyists

happy to assist, and especially to assist a

forum member from far away.

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If you simply need to verify the car exists (and you don't need someone to do a complicated inspection), you might try the local AACA region.  Contact the president and ask if anyone in the local club might do you a favor and check out the car.  Here is the website of the Gateway City Region, which is centered in the St. Louis area, I believe:  https://gharris7.wixsite.com/gateway


Another thought would be to contact the local chapter of whatever car club represents the make of car you're hoping to buy.  Possibly the members would be happy to take a look at the car that a fellow enthusiast wants to buy.



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