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What are good pick and pull TC parts to get

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Brake accumulator, reservoir, etc;  leather dash hood that is over the gauges & padded console top; headlights; soft top & motor pull down assembly; seats; trans computer; black plastic pieces that fit into the large moldings by the doors; floor mats; radio & CD player with cable.  Except for the first item these are a cinch to remove.  Obviously you want them to be in good condition.  

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I see the red/ginger V6 you are looking at.  When you take the headlights also take the turning lights next to the headlights.  The amber lights in the fascia and it requires an Allen wrench from the bottom side.  Pop the tonneau cover and remove the pull down like Nile said (5 nuts and electric to unplug).  Right brake light looks good, lense from third brake light (be careful can break easy).  Look in storage compartment for umbrella and anything else, same for console and trunk.  It is surprising what can be found.  Wheel center caps and end caps from the stainless steel.  Wish I was there to help you rape and pillage.  Bob

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