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Problems putting a '65 300 in a '64


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The 300 2bbl in my 1964 LeSabre has given up the ghost. It's plauged by valve problems to say the least. It suffers from a previously crappy rebuild, so I have just decided to do an engine swap. I have located a 300 2bbl from a 65 Sportwagon that I want to drop in. I know it's no increase in performance, but I'm looking for an engine that runs vs. one that doesn't. My question is how much of my previous stuff will bolt up. I put a '65 ST300 transmission in the car, so I know the tranny will bolt up. Here are my itemized questions:

1) Will my exhaust manifolds bolt up? (Are the holes the same for 64 and 65, or do I need new manifolds)

2) Will my accessories fit? Starter, alternator, A/C compressor, A/C bracket all from 64)

3) Can I transfer carbs, or were they different from 64 to 65? I just had my '64 carb rebuilt

4) Will the distributor work from the 64 in the 65?

5) Can I just use my old motor mounts or will they require a change?

6) Are these engines similar enough that I can use my '64 Shop manual, or should I buy a 65 shop manual?

If anyone is familiar with this swap, I would enjoy your insight. Thanks so much in advance!

This is also posted at V8buick.com. Any responses are appreciated!

(If you would rather not post, I can be reached at videojoe@_REMOVE_hiwaay.net

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Guest John Chapman


In general, your swap will be a bolt-in. The key differences (discussed below) are that the '64 300 has aluminum heads and intake and the carb uses coolant for carb heat, whereas the '65 carb uses exhaust heat captured from a tube in the right exhaust manifold. The '64 and '65 heads and manifolds are not a good interchange, although they will work in a pinch.

Specific points:

1. They'll bolt up and work. BUT... you won't have the choke heat riser tube in the right manifold. Work arounds: install electric choke heater on the '65 carb, install the '64 carb and heater on the '65 intake with the '64 coolant plumbing.

2. Yes.

3. As above, the carbs are different, but can interchange

4. Yes.

5. Yes... but as long as you have the engine out, replace the mounts with new ones.

6. You can make do with the '64 manual, but you'll need the specs for the '65 as the torque values, etc are different for the iron heads/intake. Repo '65 chassis manuals are about $30 and easy to find. A worthwhile investment.

ST 300 will bolt up to both, as you've found (BOP pattern). You'll need the SwithPitch idle switch appropriate for the carb/linkage you use. The '64 idle switch is on the carb dashpot and the '65 switch is on the throttle linkage from the firewall. For my preferences, the '64 setup is better and will work with the '65. The transmission control switch is the same, but be sure to use the correct year linkages.

Hope this helps...



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