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1940 56S Engine Noise


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For a while now I have been noticing a double click noise at idle. I thought it might be a misadjusted valve but I checked all of the valves and they are all good. It seems to be more towards the front of the engine. I could not isolate with a stethoscope. I tried pulling the ignition cables one by one and no change. I know a double click usually means piston pin but it should diminish with spark disconnected. As RPM increases the noise fades into the background, i.e. is gets no worse. Ideas? I have audio clips and can email them if anyone wants to hear. The new Forum SW no longer allows m4a files - too bad.


Thanks, Dave

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Belts on my car make all kinds of weird noises. Take the belt off and see if it still makes the noise.


Also check the fuel pump--mine makes a weird noise that's kind of a thoop-thoop-thoop that I thought might have been a wrist pin.


It may still be a valve even though they check out with a feeler gauge. I had one noisy valve that just wouldn't quiet down so I adjusted it by ear just a little bit to kill most of the noise. Not too tight, but enough to knock out most of the sound.


Make sure no rotating parts are touching anything. Mine was making an odd whirring sound until I realized the intake air hose was touching the generator pulley. 


Plenty of things that it could be without it being something big. Eliminate all the easy stuff first.

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