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I found this in a vacant lot among a few rusted ancient heaps, ...in about 1964 or '65, in New Orleans.  I always thought I would make a wall lamp out of it...of course I also thought, at the time, that I would never get married, when I was 10.


Now I feel like I should check to see if anyone really needs/wants this for the purpose for which it was intended, mainly because my wife says there is no place in the house where she would allow me to hang it.


I know nothing about it, and even if you don't want to buy it, I would be interested in any wisdom you might have about it.


Please make offer.




Glass Base Wording.jpg

Glass Base Wording2.jpg

Glass Front Wording.jpg

Glass Front Wording Closeup.jpg

Glass Front Wording TOP.jpg

Glass and Frame.jpg

Frame Inside.jpg

Frame Outside.jpg

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I don't have a price in mind.  I have seen very few examples of similar items on the Internet, and none of this specific model.  What do you think is a fair price?  I do have one other person responding to this post with interest.


I am in Houston, Texas, 77479.  I will ship from a local parcel post business or alternative according to your requirements, and at cost.


713 819 2896 for text or call.

guy lombardo

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