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Does anyone know the size of the freeze-out plugs in my 1936 L-Head 8 Cylinder?

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Good Morning,


My freeze-out plugs are starting to leak, and I searched the service manual for my 1936 Chrysler for the terms “freeze plug”, “freeze” and cannot find a single reference (I digitized the manual) to freeze plugs... I wonder if I should be searching for another term.


Regardless... Does anyone know the proper size of the freeze plugs in my 1936 Chrysler L-Head 8 cylinder?  I searched the web, but really do not trust the search results without checking with the experts here.


Thanks so much!

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In my 1928-33 Plymouth Master Parts List, in the engine group (9-B Cylinder Block, Head and Water Connections) they call them “Cylinder Block Core Hole Plug”. In the 1944 Standard Parts List they call them “Expansion Plugs”. But I don’t see them in my 1936-48 Plymouth Parts List. And, of course, there is no real reason that the ones the used on a Chrysler 8 are the same as used on a Plymouth 6 other than they had centralized engineering and a tendency to reuse standard parts.


I’d remove one and measure it to see which standard size it is. On Plymouth there is one on the top of the head above the temperature sensing bulb that is a different size than the rest. The way I remove them is to drive a self-drilling, self-tapping screw into the center. Not all the way in but leaving enough gap between the screw head and the plug that I can get the claw of a carpenter’s hammer under it. Then I just pull the plug out.


They should be able to match you up with replacements at your better local auto supply store. I have a cross reference with Dorman numbers for a few sizes on my web site in the “18-CS Expansion Plugs” section of the parts area.

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