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Cars to hay wagons and other conversions

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1 hour ago, AHa said:

Can anybody recognize this chassis? The hubcaps should be a giveaway. It looks like the motor is running but the vehicle is setting at an odd angle to the work to be driving it.

The power transmission is by a belt drive running on a pulley mounted on the short drive shaft to the drum on the thresher or elevator pile up into the silo.  They had to be parallel to make it function.

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5 hours ago, kgreen said:

....Speaking of rust, I hear a lot of 50's and 60's cars rusting but was salt used as much in the prewar years as afterwards?


I was going to say that salt had never been used before WWII, but I was wrong.


Apparently it saw its first experimental use in 1938.


In the winter of 1941 RI was the first state to adopt use of it and nationally a whopping 5,000 pounds of the stuff was used (I think my street alone sees 5,000 TONS per year today).


In other words, NO. 🙂


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One summer, probably around 1978/79, I was a laborer for a local stone mason. He had a big old mixer that he welded a Model A axle onto for highway speeds. One evening on our way home from work the tire went flat and it was riding on the wheel. Everyone that pulled up beside were sure to tell us that we had a flat. Roy ( the mason) just smiled and grinned. When he got home he cut it off and put another complete axle off of another junk car he had laying around. He said that was easier than finding a tire and tube.

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