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Rare & Unique Vehicles Magazine Proposal

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My name is Dr Pál Négyesi. I am a Hungarian-born motoring historian, writer and museum professional, currently living and working in Austria. I have been writing about classic vehicles for almost 30 years now. I was an editor of a classic car magazine in Hungary back in the late 1990s. In the last 20 years I contributed to Hungarian, Austrian, German magazines and wrote my PhD on the history of motoring museums. 


Recently I am working on a new, English-language magazine, titled Rare & Unique Vehicles.  It will be a quarterly English-language magazine featuring unique content on 96-pages. Each issue will focus on a central theme, followed by a few anniversary-related features and Spin the Globe. Spin the Globe is a unique column, featuring rare, unusual and interesting cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses from around the world.


The central theme for the first issue is streamlining with features on Paul Járay, the Stout Scarab, Wikov "35 Kapka" and more.  Additionally, we’ll look at the Victoria K1 – the first BMW-engined motorcycle from 1920, 50-years of Bond Bug. The Spin the Globe section will feature a Trabant-based buggy from Hungary, a French car from 1901 which escaped all the history books, an Australian coupe and more.


Rare & Unique Vehicles will be strictly subscription-based. We need to collect 400 subscribers to receive the green light. Even if you order one issue- you raise the tally! Please visit rareandunique.media, check out some of our preview articles and pre-subscribe!





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Good morning

Let me offer you an update.


The first issue of Rare & Unique Vehicles is out now in digital format on Readly. Please see the table of contents in the attachment.


We are now collecting subscribers in order to proceed to a print magazine!


If you subscribe now we can offer you a flip book version of the first issue.


Further details are on https://rareandunique.media





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