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For Sale: 1927 Auburn Service Truck Pickup - $100,000 - Ft. Collins, CO - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1927 Auburn Service Truck Pickup - $100,000 - Ft. Collins, CO


1927 Auburn Service Truck Pickup, Model: 8-88,  Engine: Lycoming/gas, L8 Cylinder, 291 cid, 3-speed manual
Body Type: Sedan, Mileage: 003
Auburn 8-88 Sedan converted to a 2-door service truck (replica). Frame-off restoration modified to look like a factory-built service truck. Original steel frame, stock front and rear suspension, side mount spare tire, high speed rear differential. Custom truck bed w/birch wood floor. Original painted wheels w/demountable rims. Firestone Deluxe Champion 6.00-20 tires. Paint in excellent condition: gray, black and red striping. Brown leather upholstery in excellent condition. To our knowledge, one of only two in the world in drivable condition.  $100,000.

Contact:  Sheryl  (303) 5-one-4-9-8-two-one

Copy and paste in your email:  7bb74a57665e3045911b86abc2351ff9@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1927 Auburn Service Truck Pickup.

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO a.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO b.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO c.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO d.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO e.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO f.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO g.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO h.jpg

'27 Auburn Service Truck CO i.jpg

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As someone who wants one of these very badly and is considering building his own service car out of some frumpy old sedan, this is very appealing. But the price is probably a good 5x what it should be (no way a service car is worth more than the stock vehicle on which it's based). And then I saw the interior and, well, you all had the same reaction I'm sure. Add in the myriad incorrect details (engine color) and it seems like someone's really dreaming.

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Not trying to pile on.....but the box looks like it was made at a tin knockers shop that makes air ducts. Way too square. And not in the style of any era.

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Good morning this Dale in Montana and Ks. I just thought I would throw this out there I just picked it up bout two yrs. and haven’t had time to do anything w it yet. It’s 28 Whippet sedan, and must be some kind of a kit you could buy to turn your sedan into a pickup, because of the manufactured add on rear fenders extendions ,the add on two speed under drive, and shorten drive shaft, the manufactured (cast) rear cab spare tire mount. 




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