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1939 chrysler, brake master cyl, help needed.

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They come wrapped and sealed from my brake reproductions distributor, in California.  I apologize that I don't want to open one to possibly compromise a brand new Master Cylinder....

Maybe, someone else will respond.


As far as shipping to Australia, it is not absurd. The Master Cylinder is $ 195.00 and USPS shipping is $ 69.00 for a grand total of 

--- $ 264.00.  Brand New, NO CORE required, NO return shipping...

       ---- Craig....

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On 10/8/2020 at 7:29 PM, trickydicky43richard said:

When correctly assembled what should the stroke be of the 1 1/4 brake master cylinder, 



Hello Richard, does this help?  It’s from a brake service manual dated 1941.  Terry


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