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1928 Chrysler ignition (Clum) switch needed

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Hello All,


I need your help. I need an ignition (Clum) switch with a key for the 1928 Chrysler model 62 that I'm restoring. There is no key for the current switch, and one of the most highly recommended locksmith shops in my area couldn't re-key it and they didn't want to risk trying to take the switch apart. Please don't recommend Jesser's, as I sent them two emails and never received a response. If nobody has a switch, but could explain how I could wire a simple on/off switch into the correct wires on the back of the ignition switch to bypass the need for the keyed ignition, that would be a big help.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to provide!!!



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Hi Ray, I noticed a spare dash for I believe 28 or 29 Chrysler on Kijiji near Toronto On, Canada. I will include the link. There is no key but maybe the ignition is the same and will give you an extra to play with. Appears to have all the gauges and I would think a water gauge would be rare. He is asking $40. but has been posted quite awhile so he may be open to a reasonable offer. hopefully he is willing to ship.




Hope it can work for you,  Kevin

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