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WHERE do I find 1964 Buick riviera stop / break light switch location ?

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I have not break lights on my 1964 Riviera

where is the break light switch ?

I tried to google it but came up empty ....

Where to start looking ...

inside under the dash ?

or in the engine compartment ?

or under the car on the frame rails ?

It's my weekend project - thought I asked for some pointers before I get down on my knees ....

I thought I start by check the power on the switch and that the other pool show current when I step on the break pedal ....


break light switch 1963 buick.jpg

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I went out and looked today

and there is no such switch on my break pedal or around there


there is a cruise control switch that have an arm following and sliding on the break pedal


I guess if the car has cruise control then there is a different setup



1963 buick riviera cruize control switch on the break padal.jpg

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