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1935 Ford 4 door Sedan, Standard vs Deluxe

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Here is a link to the 1935 Ford full line brochure. It lists the standard equipment and finishes of both the Ford and the Deluxe Ford.


http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Ford/1935_Ford/1935 Ford Full Line Brochure/image9.html


The upgrades are easy to make, dual horns, chrome windshield, right side tail light and paint on the dash and window moldings along with the other minor differences, so it may be hard to be positive that a restored car started out as a Deluxe.

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I believe that the 3 stainless strips on the hood louvers were on all cars shipped from the factory.


If you would like more specific information on the 1935 Ford, I suggest that you buy the Early Ford V-8 Club's 1935-1936 Book. It is a guide to a correct restoration of these cars and contains many details that are not in the sales brochures.




Go to the Ford Store to find the book.

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