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For Sale:1936 Dodge pickup T23 complete engine,trans,driveshaft

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The story goes,it was rebuilt but the pistons were too tight,it wouldn't restart when hot. So  it was rebored,not paid for,sat behind the shop in the pickup,uncovered,for twenty years. A guy bought it recently for a rest-rod and didn't want these parts. When bore-scoped,the pistons all  say 60-258 and are all on top dead center so some internal assembly may be required. It does turn over but the pistons don't move. Some freeing up may be required. The sparkplugs are rusty outside,have never seen a spark on the electrodes. One fell on the trailer and will need replacing. Like to get $450 for all if anyone thinks they can do something with it. The trans and driveshaft look original,not restored. Prefer it be picked up,no giant hurry to get it out of here. The serial number is T23*47580. Located in Cheyenne,Wy at the busy intersection of I-80 and I-25 where thousands of people come by every day,just figure out who's coming your way empty. I have an old CASE backhoe usually running that can load it on a truck or trailer. Thanks for considering. 307-630-7838





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