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Please Help Identify Great Grandpa's Car


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Hey all,


I hope someone here can lend me their wisdom with my family history.  This is my Great Grandpa Ernie in front of his car at 17.  This would date the picture between Aug. 14 1931 and Aug. 14 1932.  I have been trying to identify the car in this picture with no definitive conclusion.  I have been focusing on the relative proportions of the windows, the front and rear fenders and running board, the placement of the hood lights, and the hood ornament.  


The possible cars I have looked at are:

- 1931 Nash 440

- 1931 Buick


I believe that the hood ornament is the key to the identification, but I haven't been able to find one with the same shape.  As you can see in the second photo, it is pretty hard to make out the details of the ornament, but the shape is clear.  I hope someone on here can help me figure this history out so that I can look to own this car.

Ernie Mirra.jpg

Hood Ornament.jpg

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1929 Nash I think. Having five rim bolts and multiple hub bolts it has to be one of the bigger ones. I didn't think it looked big enough to be an Advanced Six but the Special Six has two rows of hood louvres so I guess it has the be the Advanced Six on the 121" wheelbase.


See the source image

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