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Cradled for 60 years stored in Transport Trailer then left to rot outside for 5 years a sad story of a 1929 Truck

Mark Gregory

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Here is a story for old car fans.


The original owner a company stored a 1929 Reo Speedwagon in a Transport Trailer out of the elements for 60 years.


It was in near perfect condition including seats, truck racks, bed and paint.


The 2nd owner let it sit outside in the weather for 5 years and the elements basically destroyed it.


The reason he left it outside was so people could take pictures standing beside the old truck.


The 3rd owner is restoring it slowly and says the metal is solid.


By the way he is looking for a rim for the Reo








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There is another way of looking at this; perhaps a silver lining. The gentleman who provided the photo opp did so to his own detriment. Sacrifice of one's own interests in favor of another is the truest expression of love.   -     Carl 

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Mark, I ran into a similar situation several years ago. It was a 1939, Ford Station Wagon that was stored for about 50 years in a heated warehouse. The owner lost the storage when the warehouse was sold. He had several offers to purchase the car, including mine. Rather than sell the car he moved it to the side of his house, where it sat for several years in the weather. I don't need to tell you what the car looks like now, sad.

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