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Chrysler Master Parts List Final Edition reprint

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For Sale - a new two volume reprint of the Chrysler Master Parts List Final Edition printed in 1934, basically covers 1925-1934 Chrysler cars.


I bought this in my continuing effort to document the Penberthy Ball & Ball carburetors, HOPING that there would be parts information in this book. I called the vendor and asked, and the vendor told me there were several illustrations of carburetors. I don't expect the literature vendor to know the difference in carburetors, so ordered the books (paid $70. plus $8. freight direct from publisher).


When I received the books, looked in the index for the carburetor section (section 14) and turned to that section. Stromberg and Carter are very well covered, but nothing on Penberthy Ball & Ball.


Not the vendor's fault (I was willing to take the chance), so not even going to try to send the books back. But, I don't need them. So will sell at $50. plus postage ($8. book rate). You save $20.


I have now pretty much given up on documenting the Penberthy Ball & Ball parts, and will do so myself from carburetors in my inventory.


EDIT: just noticed city/state/country should be in ad. Apologies. Eldon/Missouri/USA.


First telephone call with a VISA/MasterCard to 573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time) gets the books. I will update this thread once they have been sold.



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