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Engine and Engine bay color scheme


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I have a 1947 56C Super Convertible that I’m doing a freshen up of. I need help with the original color scheme of the engine, engine bay and components. I’d love to see period correct photos or even factory paint chips, numbers, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Do some looking, lots of pictures of engine compartments on this site.

Basically the engine is Turquoise. The engine compartment is Satin Black.

At the factory they put the engine together with no accessories but brackets if it went through the water jacket. Then if it didn’t leak, it got painted turquoise. Other brackets were satin black.

if you have an oil filter the bottom is Ford Blue and the top is Orange. They were made by AC which explains the colors.

Pullys are Satin Black.

i will see if I have a picture when I get home.

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