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I removed a post today that some of you might have seen...about a ticky valve. After I read up on reasons for one, I deleted my post...there are too many of them! I heard the tick but went for a cruise yesterday, heard some other noise  a 1/2 hour later so straight home I went and parked. I started the engine tonight and listened. That's coming more from the front. I feel dumb but a happy dumb! To me it had a steady noise so....and that weird sound at a red light? Probably a chunk of rubber! I also kick myself in the ass for not replacing something as simple as the belt when I was working on it. Grrr.....





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Dont beat yourself up.... We all over react sometimes... Knowledge comes from experience.. and we all can learn from each others experiences, good or bad.. At least thats why I read the posts.... Glad to hear its nothing serious.... Get 2 belts, one for a spare.... I know I will be carrying a spare....     John

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