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Plymouth dr. compared to SRPM

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I am getting ready to spend a substantial amount of money for Sheetmetal replacement parts for my 1937 dodge brothers coupe.

I have looked at SRPM, and the Plymouth Doctors websites for replacement panels.

Does anyone here have an opinion as to who makes better parts, or has the best quality for the dollar.

I'm not expecting miracles, and I am very aware that the final fit, and finish will be up to me.

I will be replacing almost all of the floor pans, and lower body panels.





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This reply is only my opinion. I needed rockers and a tailpan for my '36 Dodge and looked for a source. It seems to me, and I may be incorrect, that all the replacement parts for these cars are handmade and there may be more than one person or persons manufacturing the parts. I've seen advertisements on several sites. I ordered a tailpan from a guy on Ebay but, while very nicely made, did not fit well at all. I returned that part and ordered one from The Plymouth Doctor at a slightly higher price. It too was very nicely made and made from heavy steel, but it didn't fit that well either, although, it was closer than the first part. I had to do a good deal of work to it to get the right fit and in the end , it did the trick and I'm happy with it. I don't have any experience with the other suppliers and was told by one dealer, that the parts were made from patterns of Plymouth parts which may or may not have anything to do with fitment. I also know of another Dodge owner who ordered floors for his car. While he was happy overall, there were some bends and contours that were missing and had to fitted for them to work. There are not many options for parts for these cars so I say take a chance, but make sure they can be returned if you are not happy with them. As for me, looking at the price of the rocker panels and noticing that they were not made in the correct contour for my car, I opted to build my own from scratch. Be aware also, that there can be a long delivery time involved because of the parts being handmade. Make calls, ask questions and get a feel for the suppliers before you buy. Good luck!

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