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Reatta floor mats

Barney Eaton

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I have just received 1990-1991 style reproduction Reatta floor mats in Burgundy and Tan. I have a list of people that have requested them and have sent them notes. If you want mats and have not receive a note from me, send me a note to hold your mats.

These mats are as close to original as the manufacturer can make them. It takes a trained eye to tell the difference. ONLY Tan and Burgundy are available....the manufacturer cannot match blue or grey Reatta colors.

The mats are $89 a pair including shipping. Send me a note if you want a pair and I will give you further instructions. I only order when we have about seven people wanting mats, so the supply is limited, and I do not order on a schedule.

Send a note to Barney@texas.net if you want mats or more information.

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