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Power antenna

Barney Eaton

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I don't know if a lot of the early cars had factory power antenna but I can repair them if you have a non-working unit.    As long as it has a good mast,  the other problems can be fixed. 

This forum is for GS cars but I also do the antenna for the later GN cars.   There are a couple of vendors that specialise in GN's and I do power antenna for them.   

Contact me for more info. 

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Hi Barney, The Internet has steered me to you. I have a non-working 1964 Lemans/GTO Power Antenna in good condition (aside from motor not working) and two longer mast Pontiac antennas for possible parts. One of these has a working motor and mast - but the down tube is too long. Trying to authentically repair my GTO antenna. OR replace the longer mast tube with the shorter one. Whatver works! I see you are a Buick guru and wanted to see if you could shine some magic on this. My email is don@hollisbc.com - or I will look for a reply here. Thanks for your time.

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Don and I have exchanged messages and he sent  me photos of his antenna and spares.... with these old antenna it is nice to have spare parts. 

I am doing a '68 GTO and the owner just send me a second antenna for parts.... the common problem are mast that are bent (often badly) then forced down.

Until they are disassembled,  you do not know the condition of the chrome mast. 

Almost finished the '68 GTO and a 1964 GTO antenna was delivered for repair. 


The antenna used by GM from the early '60's to the late '70's was not made by Delco but by Tenna in Cleveland.   Now 50+ years old, they need to be disassembled, cleaned and lubed.

The motors are almost always OK but they do not have enough power to turn the reduction gears that are housed in 50 year old grease..... some pictures follow. 


hard grease.jpg


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