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Help in Decoding a Protecto Plate - 1966 Pontiac


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Let me start off by saying that this a bit self serving in that I have an owner's manual that I'm trying to list for sale on Ebay but in the larger sense I'm also looking to learn how you actually decode the plate and I can not find a simple guide on how you do that and what information is actually contained on the plate.  The book has both original plates attached and if it makes a difference it is from GM Canada.  Interestingly for 1966, GM published a single Pontiac Owner's Manual in Canada for the full line while in the US it would appear that one was published for each model.   Now if someone here actually happens to have the car that this came from let me know - as low as the odds are you just never know and that's where they would really belong if the car still exists.  



I've included all the information that I have from the manual.  Since this would appear to have been a company car I'm curious to know it looks like it was a salesman's low end or maybe the boss' car.   I did Google the company name and it would appear that it is no longer in business, at least under that name.


Thanks all and look forward to the lesson



DSC_0893 (2).JPG

DSC_0886 (2).JPG

DSC_0895 (2).JPG

DSC_0896 (2).JPG

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