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1953 - Hood latch and guide pin replacement


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A friend needed a new guide pin made up for his Skylark, and asked if I wanted one machined up for the Roadmaster. They turned out beautifully, matched exactly to the ‘53 modification from the service bulletin. 

Installed it today, with the upgraded ‘53 hood latch, and it makes an incredible difference in how the hood operates. Racking is really diminished, and the whole mechanism is easier. 

First pic shows the original pin in place. 
Second showing the original and the newly machined one.

Third pic showing the installed new pin.

Fourth pic shows the new hood latching assembly.






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Good eye, Tom - just realized that last photo in the sequence is the original latch. The upgraded one looks identical externally, but has some extra internal bracing. 

Yes, had to drill a small access hole into the latch mounting panel to accommodate the longer guide pin, as per the service bulletin. 

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