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Bob Jacobsen

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Two 19" wire wheels, tire size 3.5 to 4", 60 spoke (adjustable), 5 bolts on 5.5" circle, 6.5" hubcap opening, 3.5" axle opening, 9.6" hub back diameter.

No lock rings.  No missing or broken spokes, but Rusty - probably need new nipples (see photos) which can be supplied by Buchanan Wheel.  Can't identify


from Hollander's could be 1928-1931, Chrysler, deSoto, DeVaux, Elcar, Erskine, Essex, Franklin, Graham,  Hupp, Marmon, Moon, Nash, Plymouth, Roosevelt, Studebaker, Willys).  


If someone can tell me what they are, would appreciate it.


Yours for $50 plus shipping (est. $150 max. cross country) or free for local pickup near San Jose CA.




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