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Unknown classic car part - please help figure out what it is/what car it's from!?

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That type and style of molding would be something I would figure to have been used maybe between very late 1950's and maybe mid 1960's.  

If the number is not Diamond T,  That could also just be the logo of the manufacture that was subcontracted to make the molding for the auto or truck manufacture.  I would lean on GM by the part number.  That might even be a Fisher body builder number which of course GM used to build their cars.

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The plot thickens! I agree that it doesn't look like Diamond T to me. The cars he was into were old, huge sedans (I'm only 52 so can't even tell you what they were). I do know one of them was a 1965 Catalina - this isn't from that, but he talked about it enough that I remember.


I'll sweeten the deal: The first person to definitively match it will get a donation, equal to half of the profit, to the non-political charity of their choice!

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I think I can help you on this one!


The "TD" trademark stands for the Ternstedt Division of General Motors. Ternstedt was a subsidiary of the Fisher Body Corporation. Ternstedt became a separate GM division in 1948. In 1969, it was consolidated into the Fisher Body Division. It became the "Hardware" group in Fisher Body.


Ternstedt pioneered many body hardware designs, including window regulators, hinges, latches, seat adjusters and many other components. It also made a significant portion of GM's exterior and interior metal ornamentation, including stainless steel, aluminum and die cast trim components, as well as injection molded plastics and molded urethane seat and interior components as time progressed.


The parts you have were originally produced as 1964 Bonneville rocker moldings.

Here's a link to a YouTube video from 2013 where someone was selling an NOS pair of these moldings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYZhqIUXl9w


Hope that helps!


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I don't think I did too bad for half ass guesses.  I wasn't too far off,  just guessing after handling enough of this stuff without packages and having casting numbers instead of part numbers on them. 


Unfortunately being it's a cutoff piece it has pretty much no value so 1/2 of nothing is nothing but you do win the prize/title for the day. 

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You did great - just by suggesting that it was a cutoff (which I didn't even look for/at)!

So, I guess I'll put it on eBay and see what happens - advertised as a 64 Bonneville part (with a caveat that I don't really know).

Any idea what I should charge for something like this? Plus it's long and heavy so will not be cheap to ship from Maine...

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