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Fuel gauge sending unit

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As on my "new" TC the fuel sending unit is wrong,  just for curiosity I removed the part from my spare TC "the flower pot" that anyway wasn't good.

This part basically is a rheostat, the resistance is an heavy wire wound almost indestructible, but the wiper is the issue. Instead to run the wiper to the external plug ( receptacle) with a wire, they use the metal case. Well 30 plus years ago, the corn was used for food, not to make a blend of alcohol and water and call ethanol. Well this fantastic blend with gasoline and oxygen that is in the tank when is not full, create rust (on my motorcycle plugs the 4 carburetors). So the rust and other oxides broke the connection between the wiper and the external plug. From the picture I carefully removed the plastic cover, and I clean the internal metal part as a mirror, the result is that the sending unit works beautiful, 100 to 1 ohm smooth and precise.  



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