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Setting the points with a matchbook cover

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Agree, great place to visit particularly if you speak Mid-Atlantic Bland. Got asked once in a Fish & Chips (entirely different from what is in the states: choice of 27 different kinds of fish) if was a BBC announcer. Companion thought it was hilarious.


Meanwhile a credit card can also be used to set points and can use a nail file to remove deposits, is just a way to "get home" and set properly.

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On 10/6/2020 at 11:34 AM, Robert Street said:

I haven’t used these since early 70’s



That Crow's-Foot wrench to reach the bolt under the GM distributor Body, and then the Flex-shaft Allen Wrench to turn the points' adjusting screw behind the vertically sliding  plate to reach inside the window of the distributor while looking at the Dwell Meter -

That made tune-Ups much easier - wish our '54 Caddy had that later style distributor for quick and easy adjusting-

I've used the edge of a matchbook as a 0.016" guide to set points

and doubled it over for sparkplugs, at least "back-in-the-day", or when on the road and helping someone else.


Oh, and Robert, if you don't want those anymore, they would be a welcome addition to my collection 😃

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