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1922 Buick Speedometer Cable

Mark Kikta

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Yesterday I removed my speedometer cable so I could inspect it and clean it up.  The cable was attached to the left side (Drivers) of the transmission and attached to the inside of the frame by an attachment point with a clip.  The cable housing looked to be in good shape.   The cable ends also appeared to be in good shape and the flat sliding  piece in the end piece at the transmission seemed free moving.  So I went on the take the end pieces off and slide the inside chain out of the cable housing.!cid_e3cb6677-c4f4-47d3-a6a0-442bd13a12a1@namprd10_prod_outlook.thumb.jpg.3f863d90a0a83f5a5a1d0a665b736747.jpg 




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I put the chain in a pan of kerosene to scrub the 100 years of grease off and it came quite clean.  I use a steel rod with spray brake clean to clear hardened grease inside the flex housing then poured kerosene and used the garden hose to spray out the housing also.  I used compressed air to dry out the cable before shoving a bunch of white lithium grease into the housing using my steel rod. Then I attached the chain to a piece of wire that I ran through the housing and I had my wife slowly pull the chain into the housing as I covered it in white lithium grease also. It all went together quite well and I'll spray the housing black and re-install.



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Just for record purposes on this forum I took some measurements of each.  

The flex housing was 66 inches long.

The chain cable was 63 in long without the special ends

The chain cable was made up of 55 total links.  There were 3 links measuring 1 1/8 in long and 52 links measuring 1 3/8 in long.

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What I find really interesting is to be able to see how the various technologies evolved/developed over time.  Look at how the speedo drive developed from chain to cable to electronic.

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