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Does anybody live in or near San Antonio Texas

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There is a Buick part for sale on Craigslist that I'm interested in buying but the seller will only take cash and won't respond to my email, if it went through at all ?  No phone number listed, so I don't know if it's been sold.   The part is located in a town called New Braufels which looks like it's north on the highway to Austin. 

Craigslist  # 7187809556   I'm asking if anyone close could pay for it and pack / ship to me please, but only if it's convenient for you.  I can pay you via PayPal.   I suppose the first step would be to make contact and find out if sold.

Thanks,   Ken.

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It’s an hour south of here Rooster. I have emailed him to see if it is still available. It is for a big nailhead, do you have a 401?

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