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help please to identify this housand and what it can be used on


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I have  had this a number of years.  Can anyone tell what it came off of and where it could be used?

I am assuming I got it for a 1947-1953 chevy truck so it would go faster, easier, down the highway, but don't remember.  Any help you can give as to what it looks like it came off of, and what vehicles it would fit on, would be greatly appreciated.  pictures below.  See cast into the piece:  C 20W  10

thank you                                                                                           4025F

Jerry Whitfield

winston salem, N Carolina

answer here or call  336-749-5922 (leave msg)

housand 1.JPG

housand 2.JPG

housand 3.JPG

housand 4.JPG

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