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Reatta parts for sale


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I try not to make a pest of myself by putting "new" posts on this site but I thought I would mention since there are a couple of new people parting out their Reattas that I have 16 Reatta parts cars, 4 '88-93 Riviera parts cars and have been selling parts for several years now. I try to sell my parts at a reasonable price and charge only for the actual shipping costs, no handling. I can be reached at jfinn@computerpro.com

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Hello All....my first post.

Own an 89 coupe burg int/ext, but starting to have many problems. At 140K miles (rebuilt tranny @110K), my local mechanic (who I trust) says Ive come to the decision point. Paint (FL sun is BRUTAL, even though it's been garaged) is shot, A/C - Brakes - driver side pwr window - and recently, the ignition housing (steering column) all needs replacing. Engine still remains strong with very good compression, and the interior only needs minor work. The Body is in very good shape (minus the paint - no rust). All other parts/areas are working and in good shape. Roughly guessing the high ball/low ball repair figures, I think it would be safe to say that AT LEAST a $2000 min to start, and then of course depending on the degree of repair/replacement could easily reach $6000+. Would be willing to invest more than it's worth, but not overly so.

I'm currently on the road working, but will return home to FL this weekend and will attempt to load some pix.

Looking for some good advise as to what to do. Parting out is an option, but would much rather review all other alternatives first (trade, sell outright as is, etc etc).

How difficult is it to obatin these parts (listed above), and other high use items? Also, can anyone give me the gouge on the CRT touch screen? Working fine now, however I have heard that once it goes, its very difficult to replace?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Parts are available but is much easier if you start collecting spares before you need them, Jim Finn has almost anything so might give him a "wish list".

CRT is almost always repairable & runs about $200 (may just be able to rsolder certain traces) but may take a few weeks. Need to be certain problen is CRT and not CRT controller. Again is good to have a spare. One from a Riviera will work but may have different buttons.

Bepending on what you mean about "brakes", the most expensive mechanical thing you mentioned is a/c and that is expensive for any car. Would convert to R-134a in the process. Re-paint is the same for any car.

Most else depends on how mechanical you are. Power window motor is not difficult but somewhat time consuming. Many TEVES problems can be fixed with a flush and an accumulator ($100).

Biggest thing is not to let the nibbling ducks get ahead of you.

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Thanks for the reply and all the helpful info. New to this forum and discussion boards in general - guess I should have started a new thread.

At your convenience, was wondering what 'TEVES' is? Also, what info can help me trouble shoot the difference between a bad CRT and CRT controller? If the controller, then how difficult to replace/repair?

Will take your advise about starting a spare part(s) inventory, and will contact Jim. Was also wondering what the hardest to find parts currently are?

Notice your also in central FL....any local places for parts?

Sorry for all the questions, and again thanks for the help!


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