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Had my 38 Studebaker Philco repaired by a place in a neighboring state but on the west end - Ohio. Did a great job as it works well. Replaced tubes, vibrator, capacitors and resistors for about $175. This was about 9 years ago so don’t know if he is still around. His name is:

Art Grandle


I can’t find his phone number in my files, sorry. Maybe this will help if you are willing to send him the radio. 
Good luck. 
dave s 

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You know its funny; my mother worked for Philco in the 1950s and early 60s (until she married my dad had me and became a stay at home mother-you remember those. Anyway I was able to find Arts phone number and left him a message. Apparently he is still active.

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These folks are in Lancaster County in SE PA:


Retro Radio Restoration - Mike and Chris Frenchek 

5524 Ridge Road

Elizabethtown, PA 17022




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Yes, I was also going to suggest Retro Radio Restoration in Elizabethtown, as Ray mentioned. They did the tube radio in my early '60's Mercury this year, and I was pretty pleased. The only problem is if you give it to them now you probably won't get it back til mid-next year, if my experience is any indication. Also, Mike is very knowledgeable, but he wasn't really able to direct me to workable radio noise suppression capacitors for my application. Thankfully, my original units are still functioning. I'm guessing that'll be even more challenging for a '40's Packard, if they were so equipped. Cost of restoration was $250, but well worth it.

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