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Terry Wiegand

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We are looking for a 2011 Cadillac CTS Sedan.  Would like to find one that is equipped with the NorthStar V-8.  We would also prefer to find one that has been extremely well maintained and not have a million miles on the clock.  It is understood that this body style was produced from 2007 til 2011.  If anyone knows about one of these for sale, we would like to talk with you.


Terry and Barbara Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

(620) 665-7672


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20 minutes ago, hidden_hunter said:

I didn't think any of the CTS's used northstar's? Only the LS based engines, in the V series?


This is correct. The Northstar is is dead. The CTS had three available V6 engines plus the supercharged LS2 V8 out of the Corvette in the CTS-V.


The body style you're referencing was built from 2008-2014 and was available as sedan, coupe, and a wagon (fairly rare--only about 7600 built over the entire lifetime of the model).


I have a 2010 CTS wagon with all-wheel-drive and the direct-injection 3.6 liter V6 and performance is quite good. 306 horsepower is pretty stout and the DI engine is happy on the cheapest gas I can find. It pulls down about 26 MPG on the highway at 75 MPH, too, which isn't too bad for a big luxury car. My former business partner had the base 3.0 V6 in his CTS and it was pretty wheezy and crude. I put 120,000 miles on mine and aside from eating wheel bearings like potato chips (and how about that, GM specifically excludes wheel bearings from warranty coverage--I'm sure they didn't know there was a problem) and a tailgate that tried to mangle my hand, it has been fairly reliable. I actually just replaced it yesterday with a new Buick TourX, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the CTS. It's still the best-looking wagon ever built.



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7 hours ago, Ben P. said:

I kinda figured Terry meant DTS (formerly known as the DeVille) which ended production in 2011.


Eliminating model names wasn’t the dumbest thing GM ever did but it’s right up there. They thought they were being catchy like certain European brands.

Reminds me of a coworker of mine - English was not his first language and we had to initial 10,000 things a day. His initials were O.D. so I started calling him Oddie (the character from the old Garfield cartoon. Oddie was truly dim, but he knew enough to get everyone else running around in circles - which is exactly what he did). 
The funny thing about that was he never caught on that we were even calling him that.

Very nice driving cars. 


Have had both as rental cars (and an ATS), the DTS was probably the more 'old school' GM product - much preferred the CTS 

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