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Anti-Lock Brake-Hypothetical


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Hi Guys, My 90 Vert has no problems so let me pose this idea.


All my old cars are running with Silicone Brake Fluid; My Chevelle for example hasn't needed any brake work for the 31 years I've owned it. I know you can't run Silicone in anti-lock brakes because it has a different compression. My question, if I didn't give a fig about the Anti-Lock feature could I just rum with Silicone fluid? Would that be better, worse or the same in the Teves system maintaince regimen. 


Thanks, Murray

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What I understand about the antilock/silicone use....... 

When the anti-lock activates on a car,  one or more of the solenoids that control each wheel, opens and closes very rapidly

to control the rotation of that wheel.    This rapid action of the solenoid valve aireates silicone fluid.   Now you have air in the system and

that will compress giving you spongy brakes.

Without seeing some test results, this air in the system could cause the entire brake system to operate irradically.... something you would not want in a panic situation.   

Bottom line...... you might operate the vehicle for years without a problem, but then one day you crash because the brakes did not function

properly when you did a panic stop.

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