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Where can i find parts for a 70 skylark 4-dr


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I just recently purchased a 70 skylark 4-dr and I'm having trouble findind parts for the interior. I'm especaily interested in converting the windows to power, even the wing windows and finding an original or clone of the a.m. radio. Also would the bucket seats and floor mounted shifter for an auto trans fit into my 4-dr. I used to have the 2-dr but became more obsessed with the 4-drs styling body wise and would like to make the interior more like a 2-dr. THANK YOU! confused.gif

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Legendary Auto Interiors has the 2-door interior seat covers and such.

Auto Custom Carpets can supply the carpets (as they do to several other sources which resell them in their own packaging).

There are several places with aftermarket power window and door lock kits, but they might not adapt to the "more vintage" vehicles. Power locks would be reasonably easy to do, though, with salvage yard parts. Don't recall power wing windows being available on the intermediate cars, though, as they were usually in the domain of the Electras and such--but I could be mistaken.

Putting buckets in a 4-dr might not work as the floor pan could have different contours than the coupes had. That would mean the seat tracks for the bucket seats might not fit the sedan floor pan and let the seats sit correctly when installed.

Bucket seats would also require the associated console and floor shift, probably. These things would be neat in the 4-door, but might take more work to put them there than the project would be worth.

Good luck . . .


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Try Speedway Auto in Phoenix. I was there a month or so ago and they had a 70 or 71 4 dr car that had power windows. They might be able to answer your other questions too. 602-276-3200

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Be careful about a Lesabre radio fitting a Skylark. I know that the 65-67's are different and suspect that the later years are also.

You can probably use the power window mechanisms out of any 68-72 GM A-body car. So, look at the sister cars from Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile for a matching model.

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