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For Sale: 1939 (1940) Nash Ambassador Six - $2,550 - Warrenton, VA - Project - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1939 (1940) Nash Ambassador Six - $2,550 - Warrenton, VA - Project


1939 Nash Ambassador that needs restoration. Very solid and complete car. I just don't want to see it outside during the winter and I have no storage for it.  I have never had time to work on it and have never heard it run. Supposedly ran 5 years ago. Was used at a bridal shop for advertisement. I believe either the a rear wheel is stuck or the clutch may be stuck to the flywheel. Either way, the car will need to be moved on a trailer or rollback truck. The car is a 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual transmission. There are two areas of rust shown in pictures, otherwise the car is very solid for a 81 year old car.  I can show the car this weekend or after 5 p.m. during the week. I have a clear title in my name. Contact by phone is the best. I will not accept offers via text. Come look at it first and then make an offer. I will not respond to YOUR email addresses or phone numbers. My info is included so respond directly if interested.

**Clown does not convey with car!** Thanks for Looking!

The 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six was the six-cylinder counterpart to the Ambassador Eight, though mounted on a four-inch shorter 121-inch wheelbase in 1939-1940, which the Eight also adopted for 1941-1942.
Like the Eight, the Six was powered by a smooth overhead-valve engine (and also of long-stroke design) and was offered in a similar lineup of body styles.
Pluses of the 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six:
As for 1939-1942 Ambassador Eight, but even less costly
Minuses of the 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six:
As for 1939-1942 Ambassador Eight
Production of the 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six:
1939: 8,500
1940-1942: 55,000 (estimated)
Specifications of the 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six:
Wheelbase, inches: 121.0
Length, inches: 209.2
Weight, pounds: 3,180-3,470
Price, new: $925-1,130
Engines for the 1939-1942 Nash Ambassador Six:
ohv I-6----234.8 cid-------105-------1939-1942

Contact:  Gregory  (540) 2-one-9-7-two-5-two

Copy and paste in your email:   9eeccd69c74432bbb2c2011d9462e9dd@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this For Sale: 1939 Nash Ambassador Six sedan - Project. 

Note: Although titled as a 1939, the styling and sealed-beam headlights indicate this is a 1940 model year Nash.

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA a.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA b.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA c.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA d.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA e.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA f.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA g.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA h.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA i.jpg

'39 Nash Ambassador Six VA j.jpg

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3 hours ago, TG57Roadmaster said:

Only way to know for sure if it's a '39 with a '40 front clip would be to know its serial number.

This is a '39 Nash Ambassador 8, at Hershey last year.

Possible, though many states then registered or titled the car with the calendar  year in which it was sold, not by the manufacturer's model year designation.   If this Nash were sold in a state where that was the DMV practice any sale in calendar 1939 would be registered or titled as a 1939.

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