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Vacuum hose attachment on 03 explorer


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I know it's not too old but it does qualify as an antique almost. It's my son's explorer he bought. It's got the v8,anyway I replaced the intake manifold but there's a small L shaped vacuum hose that looks similar to the on on the egr valve located by the firewall in the passenger side rear corner . I have no idea as to where it connects. Could anybody help? Also we put in new fuel injectors but the idle goes up and down and is sometimes hard to start.Thanks,Greg.

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When you put in new fuel injectors, make sure the o-ring on each injector is installed properly. It the o-ring does not sit exactly square or rides up a bit then you get an air leak. High or wandering idle are the symptoms.


Don't ask me how I know. Some factory manuals tell you not to lube the o-rings before installation. Makes them very hard to install properly.  Good mechanics will either lube them very lightly with some gasoline or oil.  And make sure you insert the injectors straight - not at an angle.


As to the L-shaped vacuum hose, when I work on my newer cars and get stuck, I go to one of the local Pick-Ur-Part / Wrench-A-Part junkyards where you pull your own parts. I find the same car I'm working on and can view details or practice removing/installing delicate parts.  Most junk yards have an online search capability so you can find the car you need, including what row it is on. 

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