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For Sale: Pair REO Frames & Parts


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For Sale: $1,000 or best offer. (2) partial REO chassis and miscellaneous parts.

I’m currently working on  “18” T4 and “20” T6 REOs, and I don’t have proper storage space for these chassis previously acquired for parts. They’ve been outdoors for many years, and I’d like to find them a new home, so they don’t sit out through another winter.

Frame #30791: transmission #17816, rear end #25822, radiator #33711.  Radiator shell, hood, driveshaft, L&R hood base strips, and rough mudguard aprons.

Frame #27100: transmission #11868, rear end #28375.  This frame has (4) Model A wire wheels welded to the REO hubs.  L&R hood base strips and rough mudguard aprons.

I also have miscellaneous parts that range from rough to terrible conditions that I believe came with Frame #27100.  There’s a cowl, radiator shell, pedal assembly, dash panel, and other scraps that may be useful as patterns.  Located in Milledgeville, IL 61051.

More photos available on request.  Contact me by PM or at craig.dusing@gmail.com

Frame 27100 Front.jpg

Frame 27100.jpg

Frame 30791 Front.jpg

Frame 30791.jpg

Frames -1.jpg

Frames -2.jpg






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Based on the following, I'm fairly certain these frames are not 1910 and 1911 frames as the stamped frame ID numbers would suggest.

- I know they're not 1918 or later frames as 1918 and newer cars were fitted with underslung only rear springs.
- Frame #27100 has a 115" wheelbase.  Frame #30791 has a 113" wheelbase. Club records list 1910-1917 R4, REO The Fifth cars as either 112" or 115" wheelbase, so at least one frame matches.
- They are not Speedwagon frames.  Teen era Speedwagons are all listed with 128" wheelbases.
- Both cars were fitted with Remy chain style starters. I'm not sure what year the chain style starter was introduced, but I know that the 1914 R4 used a different style starter. However, they could have been retrofit.
- The rear brake support castings are #2RD195 which are listed in the 1914 REO The Fifth Rear Axle Diagram. Earlier models have casting numbers in a lower range. My 1918 T4 and later cars have "TD" in the brake support and other casting numbers.
- Another REO owner advised the spare tire mounts point toward a "15" or "16".

Considering these details, my best rookie guestimate is that these frames were either 1915, 1916, or 1917 R4, REO The Fifth cars.

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