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For Sale: 1934 DeSoto Airflow - $3,500 - Evansville, ILL - Project - Not Mine


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For Sale: 1934 DeSoto Airflow - $3,500 - Evansville, ILL - Project


Very rare first-year 1934 DeSoto Airflow 4-dr Sedan.  Original engine rebuilt in 1997, new tires, and brakes redone-- then after running up the driveway--was parked. Engine still has good oil in it and will turn over by hand but since wiring is bad, I haven't tried yet to crank and fire it.   Body solid and all there including original seat frames, door handles, gauges, knobs, dash and even door panels--but it's a barn car, has dents, rust, bad glass and the wooden floor is shot. Some extra parts. Tires hold air.
I am losing the garage space or I'd keep it. You're not going to restore it completely, but you could easily halfway and have a cool car to cruise around in.  Put on a mask and come see it--you'll be sooooooo tempted.  Any trades suggestions should at least be as old as the 1970s, look decent, and run.

Contact: no phone listed

Copy and paste in your email:  511763fe5390374381e6456bb9983a02@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1934 DeSoto Airflow - Project.

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN a.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN b.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN c.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN d.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN e.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN f.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN g.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN h.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN i.jpg

'34 DeSoto Airflow IN j.jpg

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18 minutes ago, John S. said:

B Jake Moran, you are right. 1934 DeSoto Airflows are very rare, and this one is a bargain.

I owned a 36 C9, incomplete.   I could not get the Airflow parts hoarders to give up enough to restore.  The issue with Airflow projects is 100% completeness.  Without the part(s), forget it.  I suspect the C9 I owned was parted out then sold, someone bought it and figured out what I could not, then sold it to me. 


While I prefer the 35-37's, the sheer curiosity of the 1934's and the fact that anyone buying one is essentially buying a historical artifact and not a beautifully designed car - should lead to a sale and restoration.   I speak only of the 1934's which could not be described as overall attractive.  Chrysler soon figured that out.  God bless Walter P for pushing the envelope.  

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Airflows contain some anomalies:  semi-unit-body construction but wood floors and fabric top insert and I-beam front axle.  All-steel construction including the top insert plus an IFS would seem to have been simply included as engineering advancements since GM was introducing both concurrently or shortly.

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