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1933 Buick Model 67 series 50 Hood Center Strip wanted


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Not sure if it's the same but last year I bought one for my 35 Buick off the internet . It was a Dodge reproduction part that was the same only a little bit longer so I cut it to fit mine. I wish I remembered the guys name or website but it was reasonably priced. So I guess they are the same on many models.Greg.

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My 1932 Series 50 has a weak hood center strip.  I've done some looking around and found this source.




I'm not 100% sure this will work on mine or yours.  What I do know is it's very pricey.


I'd like to find something a little less expensive.  Also my top strap is bright chrome like finish not painted steel.   Anyone have any ideas?

hood strap.jpg

hood strap2.jpg

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