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It's meesie season again

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With the first frosts here in PA it's mouse season. Just a reminder to set your traps. Between my shop and two garages I'm catching at least one sometimes two a nite. That's not counting the one our cat caught behind the wood stove. I find the good old Victor wood and wire trap the best. Inexpensive and effective. They work very well and last a long time......Happy hunting.........Bob

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Here in SE Nebraska we haven't had a frost yet, but those darn little rodents are already making their way into the outbuilding. Other than entertainment for cats and food for the red tail hawks , I think mice don't have any other redeeming qualities. lol



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I like to find a Victor trap and then screw it to a 2-3 foot 1x4 piece of painted wood.  That way, I can use the wood as the "handle" to carry the tripped trap out into the back yard and dispose of the "prize" for the local cats to enjoy.  Then re-bait and re-use again.  Worke pretty neat.  Might now consider using nitrile gloves to touch that mechanism with, these days?




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